7WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE. You walk in for an audition where a director is waiting to see you strut your stuff. You’re nervous, your head is spinning, it’s all moving too quickly. Then it’s over. What just happened? And then you start thinking of all the things you should have done, could have done, might have done if you had simply been in better control.


Ace the Audition acting classes give you specific strategies, techniques and competencies to help you succeed where it counts the most, including:

* LOTS OF ON-CAMERA WORK and analysis

* Script breakdowns

* Transitions, relationships, aha moments

* What to wear

* Dos and Don’ts

* What directors are looking for

* Finding the right level

* Owning the camera

* Audition myths vs. reality

* Preparing to win BEFORE you arrive

Our workshops will not only give you these tools, but most importantly, they will help you build the confidence that is so critical to success.

So, let’s get busy!

One Moment in Time

1Directors are like gold miners—they’re all looking for a mother lode of talent that will fill every role, on every project, perfectly. They might wish they could simply walk into a mine and find tones of it lying on the ground but the reality of casting—and mining—is that what you’re really looking for is a small seam of gold, just a hint of the treasure that is hidden below.

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Preparing To Win

2If you were a classical violinist going for an audition for a major orchestra, you would certainly warm up beforehand… probably for hours. If you were an athlete going for a tryout, you would do plenty of stretching before taking the field. So why not apply the same discipline to acting?

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